How to Create Unity Ads Self Click App For Free

What Is Unity Ads?

Unity Ads stands as a robust video game advertising platform, providing game developers with a seamless way to monetize their creations through in-game video ads. This platform is ingeniously integrated with the Unity game engine, ensuring that developers can effortlessly implement it.

How to Create a Unity Ads Self-Click App for Free

Follow These Steps to Craft Your Own Unity Ads Self-Click App

  1. Visit Begin your journey by navigating to
  2. Create an Account on App Creator 24 (If You Don’t Already Have One) If you don’t have an existing account on App Creator 24, take a moment to create one.
  3. Click on “Create App” After successfully creating your account, click on “Create App.”
  4. Enter the App Name and Description, and Choose an App Icon Provide your app’s name, a brief description, and select an appropriate app icon.
  5. Click on “Next” Once the initial details are in place, proceed by clicking “Next.”
  6. Select a Style for Your App Choose a style that suits your app’s theme.
  7. Click on “Next” Again After selecting the app style, click “Next” to continue.
  8. Choose the Type of App You Want to Create (e.g., Web, Quiz, and More) In our recommendation, opt for a “Web Application.”
  9. Click on “Next” Click “Next” to advance to the next step.
  10. Enter a Website or Title Provide the relevant website or title for your app.
  11. Click on “Next” Again Move forward by clicking “Next” once more.
  12. Access the App Manager When prompted, navigate to the App Manager.
  13. Explore the Ads Section and Enter Your Unity Ad Unit Within the App Manager, delve into the Ads section, and input your Unity Ad Unit.
  14. Congratulations, You’ve Successfully Created Your Unity Ads App!


Crafting Unity Ads Self-Click Apps: A Step-by-Step Guide

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